Introduction to Astrophilately

An astrophilatelic exhibit comprises philatelic material related to space exploration.  It is a philatelic study of the scientific and technical progress achieved in the conquest of space, including stratosphere research, early rocketry and the precursors to the various types of spacecraft, chronologically recording the relevant events within the different programmes.

Your exhibit may include stamp varieties such as: misperforations, errors in colour, overprints, essays and proofs.

Ensure that the selected item demonstrates a sound understanding of both the item’s relationship with the scientific and technical aspect of space travel as well as its philatelic nature in terms of demonstrating philatelic knowledge or importance or rarity.

Avoid using too many stamps and varieties, mainly use them for referring to precursors or early space flight, for which there are no other items available.


Stratosphere balloon mail, messages dispatched by rocket, mailgrams transmitted by satellite, covers carried into space (Spacemail) may also be included.

Space mail flown aboard spacecraft into space; carried to space stations, to the Moon including electronic mail from communication between mission control centres and orbiting spacecraft.